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SoftwareZator is my main project on which I work since 2007. This is the first tool that will allow you to create your own software without programming. With its simple and effective tool, you will be able to develop software in a few clicks and without any knowledge of software development as have already do more than 200,000 users.

Today, thanks to SoftwareZator 2014, you can develop, innovate, without coding, be it in for personal, academic or professional.

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Softwares developed with SoftwareZator


MailSender, developed by François Piguet from François Production, is a small software to write E-Mail, save them, add attachments, edit the footer, managing contacts. Small, simple and very powerful, it will be ideal to contact someone close to you without using your browser.


FunkyGif, developed by Khelifa ADLI from Amazing Prod, is a software for creating animated images (GIF) simple and efficient. Adopting a user-friendly interface and being free software, FunkyGif is essential to create your animated images. Download FunkyGif.


PowerZallpaper is free software (project files provides) to randomly change the wallpaper on your computer in a controlled time interval. With its elegant interface and simplicity, you can choose within seconds the various component images on your screen.

Other creations

To date, I have identified more than 150 projects developed with SoftwareZator. There is therefore much more if you count those who have not been posted on this forum. You can view the list of projects, often for personal, directly on my French forum to the next page : Creations and plugins.


SoftwareZator provides a true development tool for those who want to create applications without coding. A good way to set foot in the stirrup to continue toward the development with others solutions such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Laurent ELLERBACH, Microsoft, France

SoftwareZator is a very powerful software to create Windows apps without programming. It easy to learn, easy to use, and compatible with me. Thanks SoftwareZator 2011, I hope for you Further progress. The futur looks geat. Thanks Etienne.

Mohamed ELKHALAFY, Egypt

As in biochemistry at the University, some of my colleagues bioinformaticians tells me about their being programmed with heavy lines of code. All the technology is now available for all people with the ambition to create and develop.

Antony VINCENT, Student, Canada

I'm 16 and for some years I am interested in computers. I wanted to learn C++ to develop my own software. But I've not time to spend with my study, SoftwareZator 2011 and 2012 now allows me to develop my software simply!

DYISLIVE, High school student, France

The features in a few points

Windows designer

Creates the interface of your software or library entirely with the mouse through a system with drag/drop and resizing.

Functions editor

Allows you to create functions without programming. Add actions, enter the settings you want to assign to it, and now your function is ready for operation.

Project settings

Provides the ability to customize your project by setting a variety of configurations.


A plugin system makes use of the possibilities of infinite actions, also, we can interpret this with endless opportunities for development and always without programming.


This tool provides the ability to download and or buy additional features for 2012 for SoftwareZator and develop with new actions and always with equal ease.

Advanced Installer

It is a tool that will allow you to create your own installer for your project, and without programming within some minutes. With this powerful authoring tool, it is easy to use Windows Installer.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition will help you to realize your functions. Say exactly what you want to do, and SoftwareZator 2014 display solutions to your needs.

Automatic correction

No one is perfect and you will surely happen to encounter build errors caused by mishandling. SoftwareZator 2014 can automatically correct these mistakes to save hours of research.


A debugger allows you to catch errors of execution of your projects and to consult an help about a specific error in order to correct them.


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle MySQL and Microsoft Access makes it possible to use SQL databases locally or remotely in just a few clicks.


SoftwareZator 2014 makes it possible for software to print documents by creating your own layout in minutes.

Krypton Toolkit

Thanks to Krypton Toolkit, you'll be able to produce software with a design similar to Office 2007 and 2010, or use your own color palettes to customize your interface.

File Transfert Protocol

This feature allows you to create an FTP (File Tansfer Protocol), with the library VelerSoftware.FTPLib, to download and upload files to a remote FTP server.

Export your projects

If you are a student or professional and have additional knowledge in software development, you can export your project in Visual Basic.Net to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

Team work

It is possible to work in team through the Version controller that stock for free components of your project in the Cloud to make a backup of your work and keep a history.


SoftwareZator 2014 has many other functions just as powerful, it contains about 400 functions and plugins allowing you to develop software from A to Z with ease and without programming.

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Release date
1st November 2009
Last version (08 March 2014)
French - English

Minimum and recommended system

Operating system
Windows Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Server 2012
Third-party tools
Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5 (or higher)
1 GHz
128 Mo (1 Go recommanded)
Disk space
100Mo (1,1 Go (32-bit) or 2,3 Go (64-bit) with .Net Framework)
1024 x 768px (1256 x 800px recommanded)
Low bandwidth internet connection or higher